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    Welcome to ABC Elevators & Escalators


    ABC Elevators & Escalators is established as a Registered Company in 2011 in Hyderabad by a team of technical and commercial experts, who have worked in various multinational and reputed elevator companies for more than a decade, with a defined mission and vision to make their dreams come true in the lift industry.

    One subject which is not taught in any school or college is about lifts. One can learn about lifts only by on the job training. It is a combination of electrical mechanical civil, and electronics. It’s a highly specialized field and people can acquire sufficient knowledge only after working for good number of years in that field specifically. At ABC Elevators & Escalators we have an excellent team of people who have enough knowledge about Lifts and they have worked for more than a decade in reputed MNC’s in the lift industry in India and abroad.


    It is our endeavor to provide Lifts to suit the requirement of the customer without compromising on the quality of material and workmanship with a great concern about the economy and timely delivery.


    With the increase in the building industry the number of lifts requirement also has gone up substantially. Whether it be a simple lift for an apartment are a sophisticated lift for an office building or scenic lifts for hotels and commercial complexes, bed / stretcher lifts for hospitals, goods lifts for industries, car lifts for the movement of cars in the Multi storied car showrooms and workshops, It is our vision to ensure we supply install and commission any type of lift and provide prompt and efficient after sale service to the utmost satisfaction of the customer.


    Managing Director : 


    Managing Director of ABC Elevators & Escalators has vast knowledge in Elevators and Escalators. He is very concerned about the Safety, Quality of Equipment, workmanship and services in Elevators and Escalators. Believes in and insists for thorough training of personnel before they are put on the job to ensure the desired quality in their workmanship and services rendered by them which ensures the safety of Men & Material